Stop Dogs Peeing Inside

by admin on January 21, 2010

puppy-toilet-paper1Oh My Gosh! Please stop ruining my home!

If you have a dog that is peeing inside it is very frustrating to deal with.

The first step to correcting the behavior is to understand why the dog is doing it in the first place.

First have a veterinary ensure that the animal doesn’t have a urinary tract or bladder infection and that you are confident that you are trying to resolve a behavioral issue.

If the male is not neutered or was neutered later in life they are probably marking their territory. While this behavior is normal outside of the home on mail boxes and lamps. It is wholly inappropriate inside the home and must be curtailed immediately. With bitches I have noticed that they will more likely pee from excitement/submission when approached by a male and I have also had three different bitches who peed on my bed because of jealously when I gave affection to another dog and anger arising from abandonment when I left alone.

In the short term – I would recommend making a diaper for your dog also known as a belly band. For the male it is a wide strip of fabric that wraps around the dogs belly covering the penis. You can use velcro to close the material or  safety pins. I inserted a maxipad on the wrong side of the fabric which absorbs the urine. The belly band is very easy to make and reasonably priced to purchase. You can also purchase bitches britches for the female dogs which will also allow the insertion of a sanitary pad for moisture absorption. Its important to check periodically and change the pad as you don’t want the urine to be in contact with the skin for too long or it will cause an irritation.

In the long term you need too establish pack hierarchy and be the top dog – the underdogs in the pack don’t need to mark the territory. To be a pack leader in the eyes of the dog you need to be a calm and assertive and exert your dominance.

One method to help reinforce this is to kick the dogs off the bed. The pack leader always sleeps higher up than the rest of the pack.   Its important to not allow them up at all until they fully understand that the bed is not their area.

Is the dog getting enough regularly scheduled bathroom breaks. A good rule of thumb is every time you go to the bathroom – consider giving your pet a bathroom break too.  You may want to consider going back to crate training – for a few weeks – so the dog relearns appropriate bathroom etiquette.

If the dog is running off and peeing when you are not watching tether the dog via their leash to you. So you know exactly where they are at all times…..right beside you at your side.

Remove the scent – you need to thoroughly clean and ensure you have completely removed the odor of the urine or the dog will keep urinating and marking the same spot or another dog will think its the bathroom spot and pee there as well.

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